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'Nomic Station


Office Furniture Built to Last



'Nomic Station office furniture is hand-made from solid hard wood.  We use only the top grades ("Select or Better")  of hard wood. All knots, splits and other defects are cut out.


Absolutely no particleboard,
 fiberboard, or pressboard!



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'Nomic Station's heavy duty solid hard  wood construction will support the heaviest computer monitors and other equipment without the sagging common to particle board  furniture.

Shown at the right is our smallest and least expensive desk a 35i. We could have put more blocks on this desk, but we ran out.




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shake free slides

Unlike the cheap sheet metal slides used on most  office furniture, our hard wood slides will not shake or telegraph vibration. These slides are  machined to tolerances of .005" for  smooth gliding,  and need only an occasional waxing to maintain their effortless operation.

Our hard wood slides pull in and out easily, but stay in place when you use them.

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penetrating   varnish

'Nomic Station  home office furniture is finished, by hand, with a tough penetrating varnish. This finish will not chip, peel or wear off like the sprayed on plastic coating used on most other furniture. It can be easily touched up without stripping.

You can wax your 'Nomic Station with ordinary paste wax to keep it clean.

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Thank you for the reply - I am sitting at the desk now and couldn't be happier. My wife was having a tough time visualizing the desk - despite the online pictures, but she is also thrilled. 
Best Regards,