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The 'Nomic Station Adjustable Computer Desk...

Non Adjustable Computer Desk

wrist strain 1 wrist strain 2
helps you avoid wrist strain. Your keyboard is placed at a negative angle, as in the picture above, straightening the wrists, and providing wrist strain relief, while decreasing the future risk of tendentious or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The angle between your upper arm and forearm should not exceed 135 degrees, otherwise increased muscular effort is required to support the arm, resulting in strain and fatigue.

A keyboard placed on an ordinary computer desk or table, will have a positive angle. This angle causes the users wrists to be extended, increasing wrist strain, and wrist pain. If the user's wrists are repeatedly strained in this manner, tendentious or carpal tunnel syndrome can result.

Also, the keyboard on this table, is to high for comfortable typing and could lead to arm strain and fatigue in addition to wrist strain.