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JS Series Illustrated Standard Equipment and Features

Work & Equipment Surfaces

4 work and equipment surfaces are standard.

All surfaces are height adjustable in 5/8" increments.


wpe79408.gif (22976 bytes) wpe20713.gif (25632 bytes)

Pull out Worksurfaces

Both Worksurfaces pull in and out. Either can be pulled completely out.

While in use, Worksurface can be extended about 18". With this extention, and clearance under the Front Rail, leg room is nearly unlimited.

Multi-Angle Tilt

Left: Work surfaces can be tilted  50 degrees positive or  negative or used flat.  Adjust-ment takes 15 seconds with no tools.

tilt angle adjustment_0001.WMV

Stop Rods

Stop Rods keep items placed on tilted Worksurfaces from sliding off.  2 Stop Rods are supplied per desk.



Fore Aft Adjustment

Monitor Shelves have a (2) position "fore aft" adjustment.

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Hidden Hardware

Photo at top left shows screw pocket in Rail. Pocket is turned to inside of desk hiding screw.

Photo at right shows counterbores in slides, which hide heads of screws



Photo at bottom left shows mortise & tenon joinery of optional Mission End Frame



wpe97228.gif (35933 bytes)

Assembly Manual

Profusely illustrated assembly manual provides step by step instructions. It is printed on heavy paper, bound with plastic covers and lies flat when opened. It's standard 8 1/2" X 11" format will not get lost, and fits on your book shelf or in a file drawer.

Actual part photographs are used to illustrate each step, instead of confusing or incomplete line drawings. And, it is written in American English!

steel screws cam lock 

Heavy Duty Steel Hardware

Cam Lock Fasteners, used on most other RTA furniture, are weaker than the Steel Screws used in a 'Nomic Station. Cam Lock Barrels are made from Zinc, which is a relatively brittle metal, and can easily break. The Cam Lock Screw shown is only 1/2 the diameter of the Steel Screws used in a 'Nomic Station.



Screw Pull Out Resistance

The Cam Lock Screw threads  penetrate to only about 1/3 of the depth that The Steel Screws used in a 'Nomic Station do. Pressboard tends to crumble when screw is threaded in. High quality threads can't be formed. Pull out resistance of this type fastener is very low. Relatively thin pressboard panels tend to shake.


open box  closeup of box 

Heavy Duty Packaging

Heavy duty foam surrounds parts in boxes, on all sides, preventing damage. We do not use the cheap white expanded foam, but high density extruded foam that is commonly used in building construction under concrete. This isn't retail type boxing.  It's designed to survive rough handling.  


hex head screw  hex head screw and wrench 

Hex Head Screws

Hex Head Screws used in a 'Nomic Station, are easy to turn as you can use a wrench to get leverage. Phillips drive screws used on most other RTA furniture are much harder to turn as you must use a screw driver. Philips drive slots are also easy to damage if you don't press down hard enough when you turn the screwdriver. 



Hand Finished

Nomic Station  home office furniture is finished, by hand, with a tough penetrating varnish. This finish will not chip, peel or wear off like the sprayed on plastic coating used on most other furniture. It can be easily touched up without stripping.

You can wax your 'Nomic Station with ordinary paste wax to keep it clean.

Varnish has low environmental impact and is easy to touch up without stripping.  

hand finishing