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'Nomic Station


Student Desk / Children's Desk


Use 'Nomic Station for Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Drawing

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Use 'Nomic Station as a student desk or children's desk and get an integrated, ergonomic work environment, that will increase comfort and productivity. Perfect for children and students of all ages, our desks can be adjusted for height as your kids grow.


Nomic Station's advantages as a student desk or children's desk

Space saving: 'Nomic Station combines the function of a traditional type desk, a computer desk, a drawing board and a reading table, all in one compact product. A 'Nomic Station requires less than 10 square feet of floor space, and because the work surfaces push in, a room's circulation area can be used for a chair. Nomic Station's size makes it the perfect student desk for a child's room, or in other situations where space is limited.

Adjusts as your child grows: Buy only one student desk for your child, from kindergarten thru graduate school. Children as young as four years of age use our desks.

Better grades: When used as a student desk or children's desk,  Nomic Station is a relatively low cost route to better grades. Don't let neck strain or eye strain distract your student from achieving their full potential. The next time you visit your local library, look around, how many students do you see propping their heads up with their arms? In doing the research for this product, we were quite surprised at the number of students, some of them very young, that complained of neck strain and eye strain.

Economy: Buy only one children's desk. 'Nomic Station  integrates computer use with traditional activities like reading, writing, drawing etc.

Seating: Because the work surfaces pull out, almost any chair can be used. The user does not pull themselves up to the desk, so they do not have to sit in a chair with casters.

Use left over space: No room for a children's desk or student desk in your house? Nomic Station's small size lets you utilize left over space in any room, or a hallway, etc.

Durability: Our solid hardwood desks will not wear out as a function of heavy use that a children's desk or student desk will get in service. The varnished surfaces can easily be touched up to keep the desk looking like new indefinitely.

Modular construction: Add accessories at any time as your student's needs change.



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