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'Nomic Station Adjustable   Computer Furniture...

Non Adjustable Computer Furniture

eye strain 1 eye strain 2
provides neck strain and eye strain relief by using adjustable height work and equipment surfaces. With 'Nomic Station adjustable computer furniture, the top of the monitor is adjusted to eye level, and the users head and neck are in line with the spine, decreasing neck strain.  ANSI standards call for the top of your monitor to be at eye height, and the center of the viewing area to be within 60 degrees of the horizontal plane through your eyes.

Adjustable computer furniture with pull out worksurfaces, make it possible for the user to maintain the correct eye to monitor distance, for less eye strain. OSHA standards call for an eye to monitor distance of 18-24 inches. Other research indicates less eye strain at 40 inches or more.

A monitor placed on top of  non adjustable computer furniture will probably be to low, unless the user is very short. In this position, the users neck muscles  work much harder to keep the head up. Prolonged use of your computer this way will lead to neck strain.

Sitting too close to a monitor on a non adjustable computer furniture, as in this picture, could lead to eye strain.