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'Nomic Station


Use Any Chair with our Ergonomic Computer Desk

ergonomic chair office ergonomic chair rocking

ergonomic chair

rocking chair

ergonomic chair reclining ergonomic chair couch  


reclining chair

your couch

ergonomic chair old ergonomic chair wheel

old chair

wheel chair

ergonomic chair stool

ergonomic chair standing


no chair /standing


Use your ergonomic chair, or any chair, or no chair at all, with the 'Nomic Station computer desk. This desk has pull out worksurfaces that allow you to sit in any kind of chair, couch or recliner.  Because the worksurfaces pull out, you do not need to pull your chair up to our computer desk. You sit far enough away from the desk so you can stand up between the desk  and your chair. This allows you to use big heavy or hard to move chairs or couches which must remain stationary.  It is not necessary for our computer desk to move either, so all of your telephone, power and networking connections need not be disturbed. It is also easier to push a light weight worksurface into the computer desk than it is to push you and your chair away from it.



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